3421 Pinnacle Rd. | Moraine, OH 45439


My husband, James, has been with Pinnacle Pointe for the past two months in the Trach/Vent unit. They are a wonderful facility, very loving and caring. You could say a “family environment.” They are very helpful with anything that you may ask or need. From the Business office people through the nursing, all of the therapies, and the PCT’s… Miss Linda and Mr. Rick in activities and even the maintenance… They are all very kind people. I would recommend Pinnacle Pointe to any family member who is looking for rehabilitation or a permanent stay to check them out. They will not be disappointed!


Pinnacle Pointe is under new administration and has undergone many developmental and aesthetic changes within the past months. Their newly remodeled vent unit now features on duty respiratory staff and a 24/7 Respiratory Therapist on site. The therapy team goes above and beyond with patient rehabilitation needs. Also featured here, is a behavior unit to facilitate a safe, homelike environment for those who are unsafe in their own homes due to a psychosis diagnosis. The administrator is trained and certified in PMT and has routine staff training in caring for your loved ones. The admissions department makes the transition for your loved one from the hospital or from home, smooth and comfortable- and ensures that the "behind the scenes" legwork is done efficiently and completely. The Director of Nursing is committed to compassionate care and hires/trains staff to that same standard. I recommend touring the facility any day, any time to see for yourself.


Mike and I would like to thank the entire staff which includes the cleaning, maintenance, nutrition, activities, aides, PT/OT/ST, RT’s, nursing, and all upper management for the accommodations we received for Mike’s 4 ½ month rehabilitation stay at Pinnacle Pointe. We arrived on December 21st with Mike on a ventilator and a trach with a prognosis of him being terminally dependent on them for life and most likely never returning home. Well, miracles do happen and on May 2nd, Mike returned home off of the ventilator and with his trach capped off! He continues to progress at home and his eyes light up and he gives the biggest smile when he hears the horses whinnies and the dogs barking… Priceless! Thanks again for being Mike’s home away from home!

Mike & Donna

I’ve been dealing with health issues for over 25 years and I’ve lived at Pinnacle Pointe for six of them. My nurse Amy is always so attentive and friendly. My respiratory therapists Chris and Barbara know exactly how to care for me and they keep my preferences in mind. If I feel like there’s a problem with my trach or vent, they’re fast to react. They acknowledge my concerns first, then explain what’s happening. I really appreciate that. All respiratory care should be like this.


The day I came to Pinnacle Pointe, I was picked up by two of the kindest and most caring people. When I arrived, I was greeted by so many voices filled with love and kindness. I’m so grateful for the way the people here have touched my life.


I’ve had different family members in nursing homes all over the state and I can honestly say that Pinnacle Pointe is the best one that I’ve been to. The facility is clean and well kept. The staff is friendly and warm. The love is here and you can feel it from the moment you walk in the door. I’m glad to have my loved one in a place that treats her like family.


Pinnacle Pointe saved my life. I was a totally different person before I came here. I was hopeless and out of touch with reality. But the people here showed me that I could become a better version of myself and they worked with me to improve every day. Now, I’m proud of what I accomplished. I look forward to what the future holds for me.”


It's so nice to be at a place where I feel taken care of. The staff here do an amazing job.


My dad’s nurses are very kind. They’re always smiling and accommodating, overall just very nice. We appreciate their care, concern and superior service.